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About Jack Cutter Jack Cutter is a solo acoustic steel string guitarist based in the San Francisco Bay Area in California.

Jack essentially started with a $5 banjo just after finishing high school. In University, during the late 60's, he performed with bar bands in Buffalo, New York. At that time he minored in Music. After completing University and a year as an Aerospace Engineer, he headed off to California in pursuit of the music and mystic of the times.

There followed a twisted path of performing solo and with small groups (acoustic and electric) as well as writing and recording. After staying in the 'small time' for roughly 10 years, Jack went into studio engineering and eventually was owner of Razor's Edge Recording in San Francisco for 10 years, after which time he pursued software development up until the early 2000's. During the 'programming days', he was asked by a friend about the guitar that was sitting in the case. Well doggone if that didn't relight the fire. Hence around 1996, Jack started a return to music. Since then it has progressed from dabbling to passionate pursuit.

Jack currently performs regularly around the San Francisco, California Bay area.

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"Mr. CUTTER'S music is smooth, non intrusive and carries you on to another magical dimension." Sham Essadki - General Manager, Morocco's Restaurant

��Good fingerpickers on guitar are as rare as finding teeth on a hen and we happen to have a guy here in the bay area who is one of the best at fingerpicking in my opinion. Ladies and gentlemen Jack Cutter.�
Mr. Natural � live introduction July 04, 2013

"As I get out of the station at Montgomery Street, I hear this otherworldly guitar. I go up the escalator, but I�m still able to hear it. I go back down and introduce myself to Jack. There was a lightness and comfort about him. It was good to be around him. Check out his website: He has a great album called �Into Byzantium� that you can listen at his site."
William Rekshan � February 14, 2013

"Thank you.��You make the world a better place."
Anonymous BART rider � October 03, 2013

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